Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Stanford Math Circle will not meet for the remainder of the winter quarter. Please visit the Stanford Health Alerts website for updates related to COVID-19 concerns on campus.

A lecturer lectures in the background and in the foreground stands a three-dimensional object.

Stanford Math Circle

The Stanford Math Circle offer quarter-long sessions for local elementary, middle, and high school students who are interested in math. Math Circle sessions are held weekly on Stanford University’s campus.

Engaging with Mathematics

We bring students together to explore complex mathematical topics, guided by mathematicians, educators, and scholars from the Stanford community and beyond.
Elementary to High School
We provide programs appropriate for all age levels in grades 1–12.
Passion for Mathematics
These programs are for students who are passionate and excited about mathematics and want to see and do more.
Mathematical Thinking
In the elementary circle, the focus is on logical reasoning, “thinking like a mathematician,” and problem solving.
Higher Mathematics
In the middle and high school circles, students are exposed to skills and topics in higher mathematics that are outside the standard mathematics curriculum.

Grade Levels

Read more about our programs and see the dates and meeting times for the various grade levels.
Grades 1–2
Grades 3–4
Grades 5–6
Grades 7–8
Grades 9–12


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